Friday, May 13, 2011

Their quality alone shows their worth.

I dont think I'll get the chance to watch all the awesome videos like I used to do now. I'm leaving! In about 10 days time.. I'll go to Matriculation. So while I have the opportunity to write in this blog.. Here's something I would like to share, all sorts of video that I've been watching and trust me which are totally worth it to subscribe.. 


Yes, I do admire his videos, mainly because being a simple-nice guy without a look of Robert Pattinson, without fancy clothes like Korean band. I mean seriously, look at him! he has all sorts of qualities for being a good entertainer.

I still remember, first time I watched his video.. I taught that he was talking to himself or to any other  imaginary friends. But..NO! he was able to carry a few characters in a one time which I think some of us couldn't do.

No offence but matluthfi got the talent and was able to attract our attention to sit in front of the laptop watch the video until its finish without SKIPping. I know there are people who watch his video all over again.. and we still laugh at the same part even it might be 500 times we repeat the video.. err we? ok..count me in. haha..

Not just because of his naturally cuteness but his spontaneous joke totally makes girl lose control and hysterical. Hysterical? might too exaggerate.. but thats what I saw on TV.. everytime when vocalist started to sing, girl will be like so hysterical...''argggggggghhhhhhhh......!'' ''=.= 

What I like the most is there's must be a moral value that he wants to share with us..not only something for us to laugh at..and also a remark that he left for us to think about. Its not a long-winded speech, just a short meaningful message :) 


''Assalamualaikum.....'' warm welcoming for the viewer..
AnwarHadi just another talented guy that definitely would make someone like me to subscribe his videos.. He presented his videos in an interesting way.. 

in what way I said they were interesting? Well  it was the action,the fluency of his speaking skills that contribute to the awesome videos, and look at the background, he used only his own bedroom as the setting and nothing extravagant but...

His fluence english which sound almost like a professional rapper.His english is the best, REAL english not manglish like we used to ROJAK.. no biggies, this guy have been staying in New Zealand since he was a child and come back to Malaysia at the age of 8..stay in Kedah till now.. 

Thanks to AnwarHadi..he helps me to see things in many different perspective. He would highlight smallest and tiniest little things and turn out to be the things that we should really appreciate example like Negaraku song. It does touch my soul actually, the scenario does happen in my school.

The common things in Matluthfi90 and IniAnwarHadi are their HOME.. I love their HOME too.. infact, its OUR HOME. Though they studying oversea, but Malaysia is the place their emotionally tied to. Dont you think we had something common with them?

Maria Elena Zarul

Beautiful girl. Maria is the kind of girl that just do what she wants to do.. I dont have the right to judge people but thats what I see in this lovely Maria.. Labelled herself as 'Peliks' me, 'Peliks' is the aspect of her natural character..

Her accents.. have u heard? You should go youtube and hear it by yourself.. 

I love her hijab tutorial too..its up to you to choose what kind of fashion you wanna wear.. whether it is Hana Tajima's style, or even Ariani which is so easy to wear. But remember one thing, make sure it does cover your chest.. wearing tudung but it doesn't cover your chest is just like nothing..

These are the people who made me never get bored to open my youtube. They are Malaysian. :)

There are others talented youtubers also.. a lot! I upload few pics of them.. <3 




  1. aq minat giler ngan mathlutfi n anwar hadi nih.TERBAIK!!

  2. wondering :") y , org kte muke ak cam maria elena uhh ? HAHAHAH

  3. comelnya pemilik blog nieee....

  4. munirah- memang TERBAIK!!

    nafisah- ada sikit iras2..HAHAHAHA.

    Encik- nieee....adik mia sara nasuha memang comel XD



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