Sunday, March 13, 2011

As I Predicted, It happens.

Once again I walk thru this lonely road that is soooo familiar to me..
I thought I found the one I've been looking for
but he is the one who crashes my soul
enough of the broken heart
enough of all the suffering
and I dont want to be plagued by feeling of 
MISSING YOU coz it kills me at the end
As I predicted it happens
failed once again
adding to the existing wounds
As I predicted it happens
love come and go
nothing last forever
then be my nothing..*shrugs
love come and go
maybe it was fated that I'll always be alone
apparently my last hope is just the same
with the one before him
Let me live without fondling of love
let everyone know I'm despair
accompanied by loneliness
every nite for sure I reminisce
the happy memories
because that is all I can have
and maybe for the rest of my life I'll be dreaming
maybe I was fated I'll always alone
I'm alone. 


  1. You are not alone. Keep Allah with you Always.=)

  2. thanks fahmi.. i know but sometimes.. ok nvrmind i get it.. :) same to u, keep Allah with you always. :)



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