Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life comes with many experiences.

The definition of force in physics and science is anything that is involved in pushing and pulling which influence an object to change shape, size and also direction. Amazing right. But if force is to applied on a human's emotions, will it be able to change the one’s perception, thoughts, and will?

No matter how hard is an object, once force is applied, the shape and size would change, even if the hardest stone in the world, diamond. Well, that's the same goes to metal. But what about human's emotion? Its suppose to be soft isn't it? But how soft can it be? Or, is it supposes to be harder then metal. Why is it so hard to mold a human's perception? Perhaps human are just stubborn which make them hard to mold. Yeah, I'm saying probably harder than any metal, stones and rocks in the world.

Hey, I’m not finish yet. Hold on, but do u realize, no matter how hard a human feeling is, it’s practically, unexpectedly, FRAGILE. yup. Fragile, I am saying, if too much force is applied on a human's emotion, somewhere deep inside, one would be hurt, broken, and lost and eventually explode. And there is where the rebel begins (: That is the effect, if the wrong amount of force is applied on a human's emotion. SO, it’s hard and fragile. Hard and fragile. Doesn't make any sense I know. But, what can you say. It’s god's creation. 

P/S : SNQ Allah S.W.T keep his promise and he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm.

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