Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two entirely different thing.

I was about to sleep on that night, unfortunately I can't. So, I keep turning my body,and that was when I suddenly notice there's some writing on the wall. One long paragraph.. since I didn't wear my spectacle I had to and widen my eyes..

''Macam nie awak layan saya? Lepas saya sayang awak sangat2. Tapi awak lansung tak peduli..awak berubah..awak lain..''

It was enough to stunt me into silence.

I just remember small part of it, since the writing was quite long. But one thing I'm sure the girl or should I call my senior? who had slept on the same bed as I was lying on now and she was so depressed about her pass loved. I don't know what happen to her next.

What I'm trying to say is that what happen when we put so much hope onto someone. Remember one thing, no matter how we love a person, that person is still a human. Now you tell me how humans are able to keep their promise when they have done so many mistake in their life..? that includes me too, of course.

HOPE. where we should really put our hope? you are able to answer this question when you stop thinking about the pain you feel inside. Empty your mind for a second.

where? well..when you get the answer you'll realize the fact that you're not alone actually. Allah S.W.T.
Come back to him. He created you and me. He's the one that we really should give our love.. and please, look people around you. How bout your mom and dad? I'm sure they had done a lot just to make sure you'll get the best. So whats the point wasting your time, energy, money for a person who doesn't even really know how to appreciate you.

Just because you had received gifts, you think you can be with him or her forever..?

Just because he/she called you honey, hubby, bubu, papa, think thats going to last for another next 10 years?

Come on!you know you just lying to yourself and you might feel silly because all of your efforts.

Is this worth it?

Life sometimes can be so cruel yet life also makes us grow stronger each day. Don't be afraid if what you want and what you get is two entirely different thing. Sometimes you really tought she's/he's the one you going to end up with but seriously you just can't predict the future.

Don't get me not wrong to fall in love with someone, it just that WE still not ready.

Allah keep his promise and he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain strong. As Salam.

P/S: I'm not a kind of girl who really into lovey dovey stuff.. In fact, I hate teddy bear. I don't why and I've long given up trying to explain it.. my friends said I'm weird. I replied, ''you're weird sometimes, too''



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