Saturday, April 2, 2011


''Purpleberry. You know. I just came across your blog page few days ago. And when your page pop out, the first thing I saw was 'Purpleberry'. I don’t know about you but I find rather .... I'm trying not to be mean here. Haha.
Purple? And Berry? It doesn’t cliques together I think. Or maybe it’s just psychological. I don’t know. I really don’t know.


Of all NAMES, whyyy PURPLEBERRY? Why? Why , my best friend?
It could be blueberry,
maybe, ‘Blackberry’( the phone’s brand)
Or even Katy Perry? Haha.
But, why Purpleberry? You might as well, called it a grape. Hehe. 
Dont be mad okayyy? its just an opinion. I love you ♥'' 

So this is what my best friend think. Okay... Why purple? Why berry? Let me draw your attention to this issue. Since I was a child I just love anything that have something to do with purple and round shape like berries. For some reason i just couldn't describe why i love them so much..purple and berries are so irresistible for me, I guess..hehe! Well it might sound a bit lame or kampungan to you but this is me! :)

Katy Perry? She kissed a girl and we like it! (Actually, I love the song ONLY and definitely not Katy Perry's sexuality.. :P) If I put Katy Perry as a blog title then this blog is not about Diba will only be Katy Perry wannabe rite? Remember the time we used to sing her song in the train..HAHA~

Thanks for everything my dear best friend. We had lottsa fun, joy and even sharing our sadness together..Everytime I watched NIGAHIGA its reminds me of you. I love you too!!




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