Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being a blogger is easy. It's just the typing that's hard

Click here...haaa..Purpleberry! Er..nothing much. I don't know why, but I've been avoiding, abandoned my blog. If you can imagine my blog as a house. It would be an old house with grass climb on it waiting for a time to collapse.

It is not because I don't have an idea to write, instead actually I have got a lot of stuff to share from what I've learnt in matrix. Maybe because I haven't felt like writing for a long time. Sometimes I have already typed my entry half-way and suddenly I am thinking about my maths, bio assignments. What on earth am I doing here?? so I wasn't in the best of moods when I finally turned off the laptop and spent my day doing homework and revision. I guess it's just another sense of responsibility right?

and... to be honest I miss it. The excitement of writing where I can expressed my opinion plus my wild imagination about life around me. 

Eh ape hal ko diba nak speaking2 dengan aku??

My MUET is coming up soon, so I need to brush up on my writing skills  as my sister had suggested, she's taking a TESL course in NZ..how I wish I could be like her, one day!.. so for my upcoming entries will be in english.. :)

My teacher had high expectations on me according to her I'm an active student in her class, ask this and that and she's always look forward to see my group presentation.. She usually ask ''anyone or any volunteer would like to start first?'' she will look at me, give me a signal. 

Things happen...

''Adibah where's your majung paper?'' sit quietly, unable to answer..

''Adibah what happen?'' 

I'm so sorry teacher I was totally forgot about it..

Of course I got scolded but the disappointment hurt worse. I hated to disappoint her.



''update la blog''

''hee blom rjin :D''

''huuu ble nak rajin?''

''mungkin kalau x extend fad update pas study''

''orait tak saba nak baca :)''

''alamatnye kena wat entry betul2 kualiti r !''

Instead of asking him, I should ask this question to myself first.. ''diba bila nak update blog?'' :P 

since he said that 'betul2 kualiti r!' cant wait to read his entry SOON...hahaha.


I take this chance to say..I'm back!! and I know it might sound too late but late is better than never. I would like to wish -Selamat berpuasa buat semua :) walau sekarang dah 10 malam terakhir nak habis buat la sebanyak mana ibadat termampu jangan jadi macam aku sejak balik dari kolej asyik layan youtube jee.. peringatan buat diri aku yang hina ini.. As salam.

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